X1 Carbon Setup

I just got my Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Laptopt. There are some things, that bothered me during installation of my Arch Linux, that I want to keep here for archivation reasons. Might help somebody. UEFI is not nice… At least I Continue Reading …

Neo in Gnome 3.8

After a fresh Arch Linux install with Gnome 3.8, I was not able to chose Neo as keyboard layout in the gnome settings. To set it manually, use the dconf-editor. Set the entry org.gnome.desktop.input-sources.sources to [(‘xkb’, ‘de+neo’)].

Multiboot USB Drive

I just created a usb drive containing different linux distributions. I wanted the drive to have the original iso files on it with no need to unpack. Here is what I did: sudo mkfs.vfat -n MultibootUSB /dev/sdd1 sudo mount /dev/sdd Continue Reading …

Android + Linux

Just as a reminder for myself. To connect my Thinkpad Tablet to my Arch Linux PC the following was really helpful: http://linuxundich.de/de/android/mit-go-mtpfs-unter-linux-auf-android-handys-via-mtp-zugreifen/ On Arch Linux the package in AUR is currently called go-mtpfs-git