Bumping Balls

Simulation of ellastic collisions of spheres in a three dimensional space (Bumping Balls)

I wrote this simulation as a research paper for school in 2008/09. It is published using the GPL V.3 License, so you can download it (as you can do with the paper) an use it as you like. It is written in Python so it should work (if you have the python interpreter and the used libraries installed) on every operating system. In addition there is a compiled version for windows.

Sourcecode Simulation (.tar Archive)

Windows Executables (.zip Archive)

Command Sheet (.pdf File – German)

Research Paper (.pdf File – German)

1 thought on “Bumping Balls”

  1. Das funktioniert sogar unter aktuellem Linux (bei Fedora: “sudo pip install PyOpenGL PyOpenGL_accelerate && sudo dnf install tkinter”) hervorragend!

    Im Programcode von enviroment.py ist mir die Zeile 117

    if (self.sphere[i].rx self.sphere[j].vx) or … # Die Kugeln bewegen sich aufeinander zu

    nicht klar. Kann diese Bedingung nicht einfach weggelassen werden_

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