Grub2 Fingerprint packaged

Yesterday I had a hard evening, but I did it. Grub2 Fingerprint is now available as a nice Debian package.

Once again a short explanation what it is exactly. One and a half year ago I stumbled on Gnome-Look over a theme for USplash (the program drawing the boot screens these days). As none of the different versions would work for me, I created my own Boot Screen. Based on the same picture I created a Grub background as well.

As Usplash and Grub1 are outdated, I am trying to port my themes to Grub2 and Plymouth.

Grub2 Fingerprint is the theme for grub2 displaying a background picture. The most recent version is 0.1-ubuntu2

Unfortunately I don’t know C and so it take some good time for me to understand the basics of makefiles. But in the end I created one and were able to package it.

If you find any Bugs. Please report them.

Where can I ge the package?

Download the source, unpack it and use

$ sudo make install
$ sudo update-grub

or use the version with installation script.