Chromium Impressions

As Ubuntu 10.04 has Chromium in its package archives, it is time for me to have another look on Chromium.

The first impression is quite positive.

  • More Space – The missing menu- and status bar are giving me 86 pixel, I can use for watching homepages. Especially on a widescreen monitor this is really nice. It is as well the main argument for Chromium.
  • Fast – Chromium is starting really fast and is running nicer (at least it feels like this)
  • Tab-Usage – Tabs are usually opened in the background. A feature I like, especially when I am reading pages with many interesting links. Every Tab is an own process. I like it. I can now surf on other pages while uploading a picture on WordPress, what used to freeze my whole Firefox until it finishes the upload.

Some few weaknesses are there, nevertheless:

  • Loading pages – Chromium needs more time to load a single internet page. I am not sure, if it is true. But for my GPRS-Connection it feels like this.
  • Design – This is the point, I really don’t like. Chromium does not fit into Ubuntu. Adding the window manager and using the GTK-Theme helps a bit. But nevertheless it needs improvement here.

Generally Chromium seems to be a nice browser. It won’t replace Firefox directly, but I think I will use both for some time. The last question now is, when Chrome is coming into the Partner Repository. I don’t think it will take much more time.