Check DNS Servers – Nslookup

Shifting to the new server, I had some problems with the domain redirections. For some weeks the domain pointed sometimes still to the old server. My domain provider could not see a mistake in their settings, first. Nevertheless, I wanted to work on PhYnformatik, what, due to some links, is only possible using the domain, not the ip. Therefore I needed a DNS-Server pointing to the correct sever.

But how do I know, where the DNS-Server is pointing?

The command line program Nslookup does the job. To see where the current used server is redirecting you for, use:

$ nslookup

To see what another server (here the Google server) is telling you, use:

$ nslookup

By the way, the problem was an old CName record still pointing to the old server.

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  1. Danke für den Hinweiß. Vor allem hat host nur 4 Buchstaben und ist damit deutlich schneller zu tippen. 😉

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