Shifting and more

This blog is really growing these days. I started many years ago with a small page on Funpic to teach myself some HTML. Quite fast I shifted to who are providing free webspace without advertisement. Slowly some content was gathered there. At the beginning of this year I decided to give my page a name and make this Blog out of it.

Now the free webspace is not fitting my needs anymore. For all the work I am doing here I need some more functions. Unfortunately on bplaced pingbacks and trackbacks are not working. Therefore I will shift to a virtual server from Host Europe. Planned date is next weekend. I think that PhYnformatik shall be available the whole time, but I need to deactivate comments for one or two days.

Thank you very much bplaced! I am really greatful for their good service. I only had a small problem once, and it could be solved within a few hours after reporting it.

When shifting I have planned to include Flattr here. Here is an invitation code: 6b8f8ad826c05d5f1

PhYnformatik can be found on Facebook as well. Integration of Facebook’s Features (like the “I like it” button) are – due to data privacy reasons – not on my agenda.

I am really wondering how everything will work out and if I can meet all expectations. Yours as well as my own. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions or give constructive criticism if you see any issue here.

3 thoughts on “Shifting and more”

  1. Hi,

    darf ich dir einen Einladungscode für Hosteurope schicken oder hast du bereits dein Paket angemeldet?


  2. Der Server ist leider schon bestellt. Tut mir sehr Leid, aber nachträglich eine Nummer angeben geht wohl nicht 😉

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